Sunday, 31 July 2016

To a Home I Found | A Poem

I find myself on the stairs,
Head weighed in my hands,
Derail, recall, relive memories 

That summer's night I walked home
Surplus to worry, ignorant
To an end
In your brown suede jacket.

I brought it with me
To hand by the door
Along with the new fresh paint
And pictures of other unknown 
Faces assorted
On walls.

I am brave around a
Glass of wine
Ten cents for the thoughts
In my mason jar,
Questions bubble and swirl in a haze -
Threaten to rise
Milliseconds apart.

One word misplaced,
An error of mine that honestly
I am used to happening
Most of the time.
And I choke, I run from this,
The pictures, the walls
That hold our cinema-scope 

I turn my head up,
Two planes in the sky,
Parallel to each other;
An affirmed, beautiful
In flight.

I started to think how alone
We must feel,
If one plane above our head
Holds at least
Eighty people.

Just then at this thought 
I stopped
In my tracks
I felt that homely warmth
Thrown on my back.

You waded the green
And jumped over ditches
To just wish me
In your brown
Suede jacket

That I gladly wore
All the way home
As the rosy sun slipped
Between the valley;
An image even the saddest
Could love.

You tried to assure me
That everything that I said
Was valid and true,
Not misinterpreted.
And I did not tell you

That I fail to believe,
I am found to be
The slightest bit
Endearing in the comforts of 
Dim Lighting

In our world of promise
All we can do,
Is tread carefully. lightly,
Lulling our voices to the moon

Aesthetic may be secondary
In the Eyes of the Sun,
If I ask why you are still here
I do not seek or ask of any validation.

I am trying to believe you,

(I am using snapchat a lot more to have the chats with you all, if you want to join in on the conversation add us up!)