Saturday, 5 March 2016

February Playlist | Podcast Round Up

This month may have been quite all over the month, but at least I could one thing right; the aul monthly playlist. Honestly, putting together these playlists have been the most thing getting me through my study sessions of late. As anyone can appreciate, keeping the momentum going day-in/day-out can be quite difficult. However, knowing that I have a new list of tunes to listen to every week makes me more inclined to want to sit down and get the work done. Win/win.

I did think that last month would have been difficult to top, in terms of what I listened to. Admittedly, I'm very fussy. My listening pattern is quite stringent. I won't add a song to a playlist unless I have listened to it three times, and liked it (that's important).

One band in particular, that I have been raving out, pretty much everywhere; FORTE (pronounced Forté, not Forte, as yours truly got mistaken with). They had to be included after all the harping on I did? If you listen to the podcast I recorded with Maeve from Thrift O'Clock, you'll hear the background story as to how I came across the lads (from about the 37 minute mark onwards of that podcast you can catch it).

"Goosebumps" is a solid tune, it is nothing quite like anything I have listened to before - which is of course, both a nod and a credit to their originality. Have a listen to it and let me know what you think yourself!

Another band you should be keeping an eye out for, "San Scout" are included, also. Originally, I came across their song "Get Me By" - which I fell in love with while I was pouring over balance sheets and poetry essays. Unfortunately, that particular song is currently taken down as they are hoping to re-release it and "make it sound better", which - I am not sure how that could be done, I thought it was brilliant. Nevertheless, their latest release; "Render" should get you by (no pun intended) in the meantime. Again, very different to what I normally listen to. Although, there is something incredibly calming and familiar to it. I'm very much looking forward to their future material.

Can we take a second to talk about MATT CORBY? Why have I not heard about him? How has he managed to remain under the radar of my ears until now? Who knows. This guy is a genius, lyrically, musically, vocally - generally, in all aspects. I indulged a great deal of time in his live version of "Runaway". If I'm being honest, I tend to prefer studio recordings as opposed to live renditions, however this was an exception. He manages to conjure up so many damn chills in the spines of his listeners, I genuinely have no words. And his song; "Brother"? I sold my soul at that point. He will definitely be featured in future playlists. I can't quite even deal every time I think about his music.

I have also recorded a couple of podcasts with both Maeve from Thrift O'Clock and filmmaker, Adam O'Dwyer from This Guy Called Adam. You will find the links to those below. It was a pleasure to chat to both of them. Put on the kettle and lie back for an hour and have a listen. We would love to know what you think!

I was also a guest with the guys over at ThinkSink. Meredith and Adam were very kind to let me have a chat with them. You can find links to the playlists and podcasts below.

Those have been the main highlights of this month's tunes and chats. I would love to know your recent jams that you've been a fan of. Let me know in the comments below.


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