Monday, 10 August 2015

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Recently, I was kindly tagged by Zoe to take part in this post. Her blog, I Believe in Romeo is a fantastic read, and is well-worth an afternoon to have a look at it. You always leave each one of her posts thinking about something new and completely different. She is also a lovely girl altogether, and I'm only more than happy to take part in this.

By now, if you read here regularly, you might gauge the type of person I am - I'm a deep thinker (shock horror) and I'm more than capable to articulate my views and opinions, agreeable or disagreeable, on this space. However, there are other quirkier, and more entertaining random facts (although I don't believe myself to be that interesting in the slightest..) to your gal over here. 

If you also sang that song in your head as you read that line, then I salute you. I've mentioned a couple of times that I am not a giraffe of a woman. I am in fact, 4 ft 9. There is no major rhyme or reason for my little distance from the ground. I get elongated with remarks such as, "Oh you're so cute! Can I put you in my pocket? Perfect hugging height! Do you buy clothes from the children's section? Do your feet touch the ground in chairs?" What's funny is, my response is usually no to all of these. You have no idea of the amount of stories I have about this - is there a blogpost in this somewhere along the line?

3 things I will say about this way of living; can't reach, can't reach, still can't reach.

I am an individual that likes to talk - so naturally enough, a phonecall is my preferred method of communication, short of course, of an actual face-to-face visit. This has been derived from my family, mainly my mother. We are a family that is, most of the time, very reachable through our phones. Ever since I started going to primary school, I swapped numbers with my friends and we would ring eachother for a few minutes at the weekends. As I got older, I liked it more and more. Now? I have unlimited phonecalls to any network with the plan I'm currently on. Endless chats. 

Long phone calls before bed are the nights I sleep the best. I always feel I have more news on the phone rather than texting - am I sounding like a Granny already? Should I ever dial your digits, I will probably be laughing for a solid 60-70% of the time and repeatedly asking you; "Do I sound younger than I am when I talk?"

I am the youngest in my house by a long shot. There are fourteen years between myself and the next person up. My brother and sisters were all born quite close together, but I decided to show up for the craic to shake things up a bit some years later. People are quite surprised when I tell them about this family dynamic, but to me, it seems perfectly normal. 

It's a rare occasion you'll hear me say "Oh, I don't remember that?" Chances are, I can give you the low-down on the location, time of day, and any conversations that were had at a particular event that is being discussed (if I were there, of course). I can go back in my archives of stock-filled memories right as far as a two year old. I remember the prices of things I've bought, the times at which things have happened - but my specialty is conversations. Many a time I have had to clarify discussions - sure Catherine will know. Pity is, this part of my brain doesn't seem to swing into action for exams quite as well. Although I am an audio learner - (it's the remembering of what people say thing again). 

You mightn't want to insult me at 11.34 pm on the way home from a Cheeky Nandos, because chances are, you guessed it - I'll remember.

I feel the need to throw out there the I, nor my family are affiliated with any political party tag line. My family are very ordinary people - we don't work in the media (yet). My mum likes to know what's happening. It's not uncommon for my mum to watch the Six One News on RTÉ, then the 9 o'clock round up, read the paper, listen to the radio and catch some current affair programmes later at night. Since we upgraded our television dish to get some of the English channels, she has been in her element watching Sky News. I've grown up with that, so I guess you could say it rubbed off me. I read the paper (more likely on my phone), and watch some of the news programmes at night. The radio is my favourite way of picking up the news - it's that audio thing coming back into play again. I'm hoping to study journalism next year so hopefully all this can be put into use, somehow. 

I just feel at odds if I don't know what's happening, alright?

My ears aren't pierced *queue the surprised face*. It's just something that hasn't come up. I haven't felt the need to get it sorted. I always joked I had enough metal in my body to out-do any jewelers. It's very hard for me to buy bracelets and watches as my wrists are quite small. Rings are even harder, I'm a size I ring size, or even a shade smaller. It's safe to say I don't own much bling!

For years, up until I was around sixteen years old, I desperately wanted to become a doctor - specialising in orthopaedics or pediatrics. I think this was mainly stemmed from my own experiences in the medical world growing up - and I felt I could have contributed in a way a lot of doctors can't - I underwent the treatment myself. I wasn't discouraged, I was let to have my notions. I was naive, and thought my own things to handle with could have been worked around. Admitting to myself that this was a career that was out of my reach was the hardest thing I've had to be honest about.

This year I found out there's a question that comes up in the application process, something to the effect of; Do you have any medical condition that would hinder your performance?

LOL, sista, where do I start?

I never drank underage - which is, to an extent, almost an achievement in Ireland - or anywhere these days. It just wasn't my scene and wasn't for me. Since I've turned eighteen, yes, of course I've had a sip - but I don't plan on making it a staple in my diet any time soon. I don't criticise people who like to have a good time (although you can do just that on minerals!), but I firmly believe in keeping everything in moderation, or "keeping it country" as my mother would say.

When I was six years old I was offered the chance to appear on the Late Late Toy Show (Give it a google if you don't know what it is!) - the famous Christmas toy show we all watch (whether you admit it or not) every year. Unfortunately, the day I was supposed to travel, I thought it was a great idea to get the Chickenpox. 

All was not lost, two years later I reclaimed my appearance. I was on a TMX trike, (for people that will comment, don't you mean BMX? No, hunny, it was TMX) and basically, cycled across the studio and shook Pat Kenny's hand at some stage. Apparently that's my claim to fame.

There are many things I love doing and seeing - and meeting new people is definitely one of them. I know it's a fairly generic thing to say "Oh, I just love meeting new people". But, I do. I find that I am able to get on with people of all ages - and probably people a bit older than me a tad better, not because I am up my own, but since I do a fair amount of bloody thinking, there are few people who would count hearing me harp on as a source of entertainment. I find it refreshing to hear of people's take on things, how they got here, what they're up to, what they believe in, everything. I am deeply interested in people, and every time I meet someone who I just click with is an incredibly refreshing day in the calendar.

If you have made it this far, kudos - and thank you for reading.


It really is that simple, tell me some random facts about you in the comments below or tweet me - I'd genuinely really love to know. 
Until next time.

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  1. excellent post! might have to give this one a try soon, but after you've set the standard of post so high, I am in awe of your blog!
    ~ basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x ♡

    1. Oh you should Chloe! Would love to see it :) Oh don't be silly, sometimes I think I rabbit on a bit too much! But thank you very much for reading :) x

  2. I'm kind of short too, 5 ft 3 inches. or 2 inches? I can't remember. :P that's awesome that you have good memory! I am awful at remember things that are SAID to me. But I am pretty good at remembering things that I read or see.

    Jessica |

  3. Absolutely loved this post, Catherine! :) You had me giggling out loud. It's so weird to hear someone say they enjoy talking on the phone, I've literally never heard anyone say that except for my mom and aunts, haha. I have such a phobia of talking on the phone unless I know the person really well.

    Haha, the memory of an elephant thing! I tend to remember random details a lot too (especially if someone insults me) but am more of a visual learner.

    P.S. My ears aren't pierced either! My parents didn't want to get them pierced when I was a baby because they didn't want me to cry and then I just never had the desire to get them pierced. On special occasions I sometimes wear clip earrings but it takes a bit getting used to having something hanging from my ears!


    1. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! Oh absolutely, I love yapping on the phone, though I'll admit, it's 10x easier when you know them well!

      It's great to know I'm not the only one that doesn't wear the bling on the ears! I'm not sure if I'll bother now at this stage..

      Have you started your arts course yet? I'm dying to hear all about it!