Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Album & Video of the Month | Tom Odell | Jay Woodward

Another month - another album. Tom Odell's "Long Way Down" is certainly not a new arrival - it's been on the shelves for a while but it has been one that I have rediscovered of late. The 24 year old Chichester native has gone on to many brilliant and bright ventures already. Lily Allen was the gal to set him on his way after, by chance, seeing him live. Not even a 0/10 review from NME magazine was going to hinder this angel face. He nabbed a Brit Award some time later, say whaaat?

The fact of the matter is; his music seems to depict a character that you either love, or not so much. He is not everyone's cup of tea but he definitely is mine - like a Barry's Cuppa, just right. His music is different, but electric - nothing like I've heard before. His lyrics are relate-able, and the melodies are re-memorable. His voice at times, is jagged - rough around the edge, but it's raw, and it's real. Auto-tuned-to the-absolute-nines albums are all we are listened to nowadays. 

His handy-work on the piano is like a part of his identity, it's a part of the whole jam. And it works. 

Is he melancholic? I wouldn't say so, I would say; human, real and talented. 

My favourite songs from the album are I Know, Til I l Lost, Sirens and Supposed To Be. If you do anything worthwhile today, you will listen to these tracks in the Spotify widget below and on the right-hand-side. Overall, it's more of an experience than anything else.

Videos are not a regular feature on my blog, but I was delighted to see some more cracking work from my friend, Jay Woodward. Jay is a singer/songwriter currently based in Calafornia and taps into into indie and alternative genres. Last year his album, Letters We Told was featured as an album of the month where you can read more about the talented gent. 

"Howl" was brilliantly shot. If you are a fan of landscape and the outdoors, this is a video you should be watching before the day is out. There is no other way to describe it, other than the fact I feel at home watching this video. This is the second video Woodward has released from his debut album, following the recent listener driven explosion for the single, Howl. The video for Howl, shot in Big Bear, CA by Leslie Chou, showcases the purist side of Woodward's Ginsberg inspired song.


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