Saturday, 6 June 2015

Album of the Month #6 | All The Luck In The World

You probably know the deal by now, I am no music expert - I'm an amateur, but I know when something sounds great. I haven't talked about a particular album for quite some time because in all honesty, I haven't found anything major since February worth a rave about.

Til now of course.

You are going to love it.

The cherry on top? They're Irish.

They are an alternative 3 piece band that seem to flawlessly orchestrate guitar, with percussion and vocals. The only way I can describe it is; if Declan O'Rourke, Kodaline, Ryan O'Shaughnessy and James Bay came together and managed to produce something - this would be it. Some of their songs featured in my April Playlist.

How did I find these guys? With many great music I've found, it started with an ad, a Trivago advertisement. The music in the background was too good to ignore it, so I threw up Soundhound on the phone and I tracked them down, and I've been listening to them for the last 2 months.

It starts off with a beautiful instrumental to showcase their strings that follows smoothly into the following track "Conquer". There isn't one song that I don't like but I do particularly love "Haven", "Never" (Of course) and "Away".

It's your lazy morning-getting-ready music, it's your (perfect) study and work music, and it's there to lull you to sleep. The vocals are soothing and easy on the ear, there isn't a single fault I can find with the record. 

The one thing I do love with this, is certain songs with the actual music you can tell there's an Irish twinge in there somewhere, it's lovely to pick up on it if you can recognise it. My only problem? These guys should be getting far more credibility than they're getting, they're absolutely fantastic.

So should you listen to it? Are you even asking that after everything I've said? Of course you should, and the Spotify widget is right there, no excuses!


  1. so many good songs!
    ~basicallychloe x
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x