Monday, 8 June 2015

A Poem | "Zero Notifications"

This is my first time sharing a poem on my blog, and I'll admit - it's taken me about 2 whole weeks or more to decide will I throw it up. I have always said that I am more comfortable with pros pieces, but from time to time I do write things that start on the left margin that doesn't find it's way all the way to the right. 

I'm not as comfortable with sharing poems, as they are shorter, every line and nearly every word is read into more in depth. Why did she pick that word on that line? Could she have phrased that a bit differently? What's that about? What happened? Tell us tell us tell us!

This piece, whether it's good, bad or indifferent is easier to put out there because it's something a lot of other bloggers may be able to relate to; the battle of aesthetics. I love blogging and writing on here, as you may be able to pick up through my past posts, but it's hard to deny there are shadowed areas that hardly gets talked about. 

I don't own white furniture, I have no idea how to make pretty backdrops, hell I don't even have a fancy camera (I've a pretty decant one on my phone, so I get by), I'm not a vegan and I don't follow diets I'm constantly being told on the interweb I should give a go and I don't (currently) suffer from wanderlust.

So take this for what you will, and let me know what you think. 

A wire dings, and a buzz to evaluate my self worth,
It's broken, the lot of it - a fake facade.
"You have no new notifications",
Can a figure on a screen make your day?

Contrast low, with the exposure high -
Did you not see the latest trend?
"VSCO cam is a godsend" they say,
"Facetune is great for the imperfections" another.
Buzz, buzz, buzz,
3 hearts martyr together in the end.

I don't lead that aesthetically inclined
Instagram lifestyle,
I don't own a rose-gold watch or fairy lights,
My books don't form the neat, strict structure
You'd want them to.
And I don't drink hot lemon water in the morning.

The delicate little squares 
Don't ask anything, but demand
Everything from many.
They stand strong, unified like soldiers,
Prepared for the ambush of any 
Semi-viral occasion.
Is the smile real? Is there life behind the eyes?
7 thumbs seem to agree.

A truth can no longer be ignored;
That status, update or check-in
Cannot convey, hopes, dreams, talent and joy very well.
The only messages I wish to see from one
Single contact are a 
"Good morning" and

Until such time, I will lounge in my
Night time attire (Christmas-themed of course)
And have a cuppa with Barry* and a Rich Tea, love.
That's something you won't see 
On any Pinterest board.

I am (not) Cather_i_ne from
The platforms amongst the clouds,
I'm Catherine, first and foremost.

*Barry: I have a particular fixation with
Barry's Tea bags...


  1. Love this! Its unique, beautiful, creative and very confident of you!! Loved this ♡
    Eleanor |

    1. Awh thank you very much Eleanor, that means so much! I was on the fence about putting it up but glad I did in a way. Thanks for reading :) x

  2. I love it <33