Friday, 29 May 2015

Tips on | Getting Over the Flu | #IRISHBLOGCOLLAB

This week's post for #IrishBlogCollab is all about us ladies writing about something we feel we have something to offer. There has been a surprising influx of people I know coming down with coughs and colds, myself included recently - so I am here to prick your ideas on what to do next time! I am no medical professional (let's get the Leaving Cert over with first), but I do have experience from this that and the other so hopefully it'll come in handy.

I've also written a post on how you can boost your immune system, you can read it here.

Well, some people seem to be, but we're not. When you're sick, you're sick - and there's not much you can do about it. Down tools, get as much sleep as you can and keep warm. If you keep going around the clock like nobody's business your body will go into overdrive. And what happen's then? You get a relapse. You need to give your system time to recover and get strong again. You would think this tip is a given, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who just keep going going going. Mind yourself.

That crazy weekend you were planning to have down Wexford with the gang? Yeah probably not a good idea.

Even if it's cups of tea, flat 7Up, hot lemon water (which has a litany of benefits if you throw it up on Google) whatever. You NEED to flush the toxins out.

I do exercise caution with this one - make sure you are taking the correct dose and all of that jazz. This doesn't work for everyone, but it does for many and it does with me. I find it great to help with temperatures, headaches and general aches and pains. But don't be poppin' pills on an empty stomach. If you don't feel like eating a horse of a meal, even a yoghurt or a glass of milk beforehand will help to line the stomach. I've been there, done that.

Just like your Granny used to say, gargle warm water with salt. Certain lozenges and sprays are great too. Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties and a spoon of manuka honey will do wonders.

I feel you on this one, it's a toughie. The only thing I can say is please pay heed to your GP, if he/she says to take X spray, you take it. Even if you don't suffer badly with sinuses, you can still get a blocked nose. I recommend taking Otrivine, an over the counter nasal spray (they do children and adult versions, also with menthol, or menthol free). Sudafed is another good product. At this stage in the game you probably know what works best with you. Bare in mind that if nasal sprays contain steroids, it's said by some to avoid taking them for more than a two week period. Your GP will be able to best advise you on that one.

A tip for night; use an extra pillow under your head, it's magic, really.

An old trick in many Irish households; get a bowl of hot water, a towel - put your snout near the water and the towel over your head. It'll help to open up the airways both with your cough, and your nose. A hot bath will fulfill the same principal, as well as easing muscle tension. Some others say a quick cold shower will help with a temperature, too.

A lot of people will say "Oh sure if it's a viral thing, the GP won't give you anything." You know best how you feel. There is no harm in being sure to be sure. If you are prescribed anything you had better make sure you carry through the duration of the medication, as again - a relapse can be on the cards otherwise.

Those were some quick tips to take into consideration! Do you have any tricks yourself? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I have been suffering for what feels like eternity, in reality it's probably at most 2 weeks, from a cold, sore throat, ear infection, cough thing. Omg it's been awful. Waking up with a dried up blocked nose and dried up scratchy throat because I've had to sleep with my mouth open to avoid dying, is let's say... less than ideal. Especially when trying to drag oneself out of a nice warm bed. On the plus side I have been drinking tonnes of water to try and counteract the dry throat so I am feeling super hydrated. Score! Interestingly I read somewhere in my bid for relief that nasal sprays can actually do more harm than good in helping your body combat the virus. I would exercise caution there until you have turned to a trustworthy source for advice and by trustworthy I mean general searchings on Google.
    Nice blog post anyway. I wrote a similar post about the benefits of essential oils and warm baths in relieving symptoms. See it here- if at all interested.
    Keep up the good work x

    1. Oh gosh, you poor poor thing. That sounds awful! I hope you'll be on the mend again soon. I take your point about nasal sprays, over a certain amount of time they can damage the lining of the nose, especially ones with steroids. But this is where a GP's advise would come in I would imagine. I can only put forward what has worked for me! Myself along with my family suffer big time with our sinuses, it's a bad dose. I really hope you'll get some relief soon, you deserve a rest after that ordeal. I will be sure to read up on that post. Sounds like something right up my alley. Thanks for reading x