Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Warrior Awaits | A Tribute to Conor McGregor

A Warrior Awaits
By Daithí O'Connor

A shadow cast on eight, the sides of test and tradition;
A warrior awaits.
Darkness, strobes, music and noise;
The change in tune, the tact in tone, always calm.

Emerging in strides, superior and significant;
Bare skinned, bearded, braided and born.
Tattooed and untainted, capped and comfortable;
a celebration of confidence and indulgence in honour.

A right hand raised, an emblem to roars;
the approval all round answers acceptance to accolades.
The face of focus; fuelled, ferocious and physical.
Relaxed and relishing raucousness', a revelling renewed in expected conquest.

Surrounded by stalwarts, saluting strength in their standing;
the goal always glorious, the going a grateful gift.
A fighter famed on feeding fiercely on the fallow; a freak of fearlessness inside the fence.

The pride pronounced previous to participation, a publicity in positivity and persistence;
A prize proudly personal and a promise... to his own person.

Bold and brash, a champion challenging collective conclusions of characters contained.

The tribal triggering, tastefully targeting those testing the temperament;
trials always trumpeted, a top flight performer present not to take part, but only to take over.

Inspiring, the self-respected ruthlessness that raises rancour;
Rushing relentlessly in triumph, an Irish artist, flawless, fine-tuned and firm.

Sweating in supremacy, selfishly succumbing to the stalks of success;
second to none in notions that nurture the needs of a nation,
No nonsense negotiations; 'I will win. I will win'.

The calculated carnage, the bellows of belief;
The narrow aisles, the path to righteous inevitably.

A warrior awaits, but not in the shadows.
The beaming light with eight sides around him;
Ready, zealous and namely, Notorious.

Daithí O'Connor is a blogger and writer from Dublin. He wrote this as a tribute to McGregor, an Irish mixed martial artist currently competing in the UFC's Featherweight division. You can read more from Daithí on his blog at Reeling in the Fears. You can also read SportsJOE.ie's coverage on this piece here.


  1. Wow, read that out loud 3 times fast! So much going on in this piece, a little difficult to read but some beautiful lines, especially 'tattooed and untainted'. Such a lively mix of imagery!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland