Friday, 17 October 2014

The Liebster Award

Hello everyone. Last week, I was nominated by the lovely Irene to take part in this great project. I'd like to thank her for thinking of my little blog in her nominations!

The Liebster Award is a brilliant initiative was set up to allow bloggers to get to know each other better, likewise with our readers! Like with many projects of the sort, a few easy rules to follow:

~  Get nominated
~  Link back the person who nominated you
~  Answer the 11 question the person who nominated gives you (Your questions will be at the bottom of this post)
~  Create 11 new questions or use the same ones you answered
~  Nominate 5-20 new people to answer your questions.

Now, without further ado, I'll crack on with Irene's questions. 

1.  What inspired you to start blogging?

Setting up a blog is something I have wanted to do for quite some time, but I was on the fence about it for ages! Ever since I was younger, I knew that a career where I could write, use my mind, and meet new people would be critical elements towards my dream job. And blogging provides most of those, albeit on a smaller scale maybe - but it's all experience. It's time put to good use I reckon.

2.  Who is your favourite blogger and why?

It's very difficult to narrow it down to one person! The caliber of young writers is so high, and each blog is unique and brilliant in its own way. To answer this question - I will go with the blogger I have been reading for the longest; which is Leanne Woodfull who runs Thunder and Threads. First of all, what a name for a blog! I stumbled upon Leanne a couple of years ago via her Youtube channel that she had at the time, and it is from that, that I found her blog. Even though I wasn't a blogger at the time, I read hers (and still do!) religiously. She sets an impeccable standard for young bloggers such as myself - she worked hard on her own initiative. She saw something and went for it. She's also a fabulous writer. 

3.  If you could be anywhere in the world where would that be?

Hmm. I have to admit, I am very boring person on the whole topic of travelling, as I haven't found the urge to plunge myself half way across the world (although that could change!) I could say London, or New York. But really? Dublin, yep the homebird is staying within her own country. Considering I live in a very remote part of Ireland, Dublin is quite a leap. How life panned out for me, means I travel to Dublin quite a bit ever since I was a baba. It feels like a second home to me.

4.  Craziest thing you've done?

Last year I took part in the BT Young Scientist along with two of my friends. For those you may not know, it is a major national exhibition in Ireland. To even get the chance to be selected to represent your school is prestigious in itself. Our project was related to the effects that school chairs have on young people's spines and posture. It was a very busy few months for us! I always say to people that it was like doing a Masters, that's the standard and competition you are dealing with. It was all worth it in the end though, we won the National Children's Research Centre Award. This award is awarded to any project that has the most potential to improve children's health in Ireland. It was the best few days of my life, up there in the RDS Dublin.

5.  One thing you would change about your life?

To be honest, I don't like to ponder about things that I would change or get of in my life. Instead, I like to see how I can improve and enhance my life. Of course, I'm sure there are a million and one things I could write down if I sat and thought about it for a while. One thing I would change, for everyone - is that we wouldn't have to worry so much. That I wouldn't have to worry so much. Partly due to the recession, as a nation, we had and continue to endure. I would like to change the fact that I feel on some levels, past governments, through their own miscalculations and undercutting ploys, have let me down - along with thousands of others. That is something I would love the change, but that is a topic for another day!

6.  If you had to eat just one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Chicken goujans, hands down. Enough said.

7.  Who do you look up to the most?

I look up, and draw inspiration from many people. I won't go into any specifics. But I admire people who really have a go at life, who work hard without looking for praise from anyone, who set their minds to something and grab life by the reigns and just do it. And if they have a positive impact on other people's lives whilst whatever they're doing then all the better. Those are my favourite types of people.

8.  If you were to live in a movie, which movie would it be?

Any movie where Robert Pattinson is concerned. 

9.  What is your hidden talent?

I've got quite a good memory, I would remember a lot of things from when I was about 2 and a half onwards. I recall dates and times quite well. Recently I have established, through studying King Lear for my English Leaving Cert exam, that I have acquired a way to learn quotes! "Here stood he in the dark, his sharp sword out/mumbling of wicked charms, conjouring the moon. To stand auspicious mistress" And the likes..

10.  What is a thing you would never do, whatever the circumstances?

Smoking. I couldn't. No. Never.

11.  Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

I hope to be happy and healthy, and either studying or just finished a Journalism Course in Dublin!

Those were all the questions, thank you Irene! I actually really enjoyed writing this post, it made me think about things I wouldn't have necessarily thought of myself. 

The following are the lovely lassies I wish to nominate:
(I have spent time going through these blogs beforehand to double check that they haven't been previously nominated, so apologies if I have made a slip up!)

~  Gingerly Pale
~  Winterelle
~  Min's Beauty Equipment
~  Hey Gurl
~  Treelined Avenue

These are the questions I've picked you to answer!

1.  Did anyone in particular inspire you to start blogging?

2.  What are your essentials before you start a blog post or things that must be done beforehand? For example, cup of tea, a fire on etc.

3.  What is your earliest memory you can recall?

4.  What would your life be nothing without?

5.  If someone was to describe you, you would be "The one who...."?

6.  What is your favourite book/album?

7.  What change could be made to make our world a happier place to live?

8.  What has blogging taught you?

9.  Five things you wish to do within the next ten years.

10.  A memory/experience you wish you could relive.

11.  What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear "Creative"?

Please let me know if you have completed the tag, I would love to have a read. 


  1. Hi Catherine, thank you very much for nominating me. It's a huge honour. I am not going to write a blog post about this, but I am very pleased and grateful.

    I will briefly answer the questions here in the comment:

    1. I was inspired by stuff, not humans. I discovered devices that I had never heard of and I thought they were very interesting, so I wanted to share my knowledge.
    2. A cup of coffee.
    3. Some weird dreams I had when I was a kid.
    4. My current family: kids and my hubby.
    5. Doesn't shut up, always talks loads of rubbish.
    6. I don't have any fav book, but I have lots of dance music that I love.
    7. I know you aren't gonna like this given that you are Irish, but I would ban religion. It divides people, causes wars and seems to cause a lot of trouble instead of helping people, which is what it's meant to do, theoretically.
    8. It's hard to get on online, it takes a lot of effort to get anywhere…
    9. I would like to become personally successful as I don't feel like this at the moment.
    10. The first few months after coming to London. I could not believe the freedom that I had and I felt euphoric…
    11. Hard work as it seems to me that trying to be creative can be a lot of hard work, especially if you don't feel naturally creative or creative in the field in which you would like to be creative.

    Thanks again for nominating me, Catherine! Have a lovely weekend!

    Min x

    1. Hello Min. Thank you for taking part answering the questions! I always need a hot cup of something before start writing too :) I agree, the work we do takes a lot of hard work, time and energy. Anything that's worth it in the end doesn't come easy initially. The Irish aren't as conservative as we used to be about religion - especially with certain revelations in recent years, so I'd have to agree with you on point 7. I'm glad you're having a great time living in London, I haven't been there myself!

      Thanks very much Min.

      Catherine x

    2. Glad we are not fighting about religion as this is where all wars start, so kind of expected the same here.. :)

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  3. Really good questions that had been set for you and well thought answers. Congratulations on the science award! x

    Amy at Amy & More