Saturday, 6 September 2014

Guest Post | 9 Things I Love Blogging About Music | By Esther

I started blogging roughly three weeks ago and I think its the greatest way to share with the world my thoughts and experiences. I'm not the only one, countless other people think so too. I had never even thought about blogging, ever. It was only the other day when the little bulb in my head went on and I got a moment of inspiration that I actually really thought about it. Thinking led to doing and now I have my lovely little blog. Combining with my love for music, I had my first blog and I love it.

Since then, I constantly ask myself: why I'm blogging? What's so good about it that I spend hours in-front of a computer screen typing away my thoughts? Why do I love blogging about music so much? Here are my 9 reasons:

#1. Blogging Community. 
Everyone needs a support system that will help them grow and become better at what they do and the blogging community has been there for me. I have been able to meet so many amazing people from all different walks of life and make new friends even without meeting them in person. They are awesome and I'm so happy to be one of them. 

#2. Satisfaction
The most wanted need is the need to be satisfied and by blogging I am creating an outlet for my artistic mind and i also love to talk so, win win!! Music is fed to the public on a daily basis, some of it is bad and some of it is just awful. Someone needs to talk about it, so why not me. I may be young but I have a thing or two to say.

#3. Listening to new music and artists for reviews.
To be completely honest and true to your readers, you need to know what you are talking about. I have gotten the chance to discover new music and artists especially when I do the review section. This as a music student and musician has expanded my repertoire immensely.

#4. Gets me out of my comfort zone. 
I'm a shy little girl who is content with staying in my own little box if not, jilted back to reality. Blogging has helped me come out of my cocoon and realize that there's a lot to be seen and experienced around me. 

#5. Sharing and learning
Sharing is caring and blogging has made it possible for me to be able to share what i have learnt in this young age of mine. I have also learnt a lot of things that i wouldn't have if I didn't start blogging. You may say its made me wiser.

#6. Informality: 'I can write a post at whatever time'. 
Its not 9-5 job, I don't have to dress official and i can write a post anytime, anywhere and at my own convenience. I could be writing this post in my pajamas and no one would know. Too bad, I have to go to school :(

#9. Think out-of the box
To be able to create interesting content on an almost daily basis, i have to be able to think out of the box. Spicing up my blog with my creative flair keeps me focused on what I want to say and gets the attention of like-minded people.

Those are my reasons, what are yours?

Esther xx

About the Author:

Hi Again!  
I am a trumpeter, songwriter, singer, aspiring film composer/ethnomusicologist and student of life. Recently I have taken up blogging over at All Things Music. I also love to read novels, swim, read and watch movies. Music to me is a gift that needs to be shared for it to flourish and bloom into a worldly beauty that cant be contained or suppressed. From the hums in the coffee fields on a brighter early morning to the singing in the theater hall during late night shows, music's power and universality knows no bounds or fears. 


  1. It's a great guest post! I've never thought about doing a post about why I love blogging, I've just put it in my blog ideas list!

    Corinne x

    1. Esther did a great job! Yeah you should do it :)

      Catherine x

    2. Hey Corinne,

      You should totally do it, makes everything so much clear :)
      Find me at

      Esther xx

  2. I really love the layout of your blog, it's so eye catching! I've had a good nosey and really enjoy your posts, will definitely be reading more from you :)

    Amazzable xox

    Feel free to check me out:

    1. Thank you so much! My cousin helped me with the design, but I try to make it as colourful as I can. Thank you for stopping by,

      Catherine x

  3. My reason for blogging is spreading the word about the things that I find fascinating and interesting. I feel like blogging gives me voice, the voice that I never felt I had before…

  4. I totally agree about the community. I've been blogging for a few months now and for the most part I've felt like I've been in my own little world. As much as I've enjoyed writing, I've never enjoyed it as much as I have the last week or so I've been slowly getting more involved in the community on Twitter. I can't wait to see how this helps shape who I am as a blogger with all the other influences and such. :)

    Sara x

    1. The blogging community is a big part of why i blog every day.... They give you that push to be excited about it.

      Thanks for reading...

      Esther xx

  5. If I'd make a list of my own about why I love blogging, we'll have an almost similar one. Happy blogging!