Saturday, 27 September 2014

Album of the Month #3 | Jay Woodward | Letters We Told

Some time ago, I was kindly suggested to listen to Jay Woodward's album, "Letters We Told". I took this on board and gave a listen, and I am so glad I did. 

Jay Woodward is an American musician. His music is that of an indie/folk genre, so of course I was going to be all over it. Listening to this album, you can tell it is a solid piece of art. I love the fact the first opening track "Mandolina" is an instrumental. It brings home to us that Woodward cares for music. And even without lyrics, there are simply no boundaries that cannot be met. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Guest Post | A Little Bit About Charisma | By Mingaile

Photo Credit: Mingaile Tarpy

I don’t know why, but tonight somehow I started thinking and “googling” about charisma. I wanted to know what it really meant. Obviously, I would like to know what it takes to be charismatic and whether charisma is possible to achieve for an ordinary folks.

One of the interesting things that I noticed is that to be charismatic you need to have something you are passionate about. It’s hard to be charismatic about something you are indifferent to.

Being charismatic means being confident and optimistic. Nobody wants to listen to somebody who is not sure of what he or she wants and where they are going to. Talk with confidence and people will flock around you. The same applies to optimism – who wants to listen to a grumpy moaning fart when the only thing they see is negativity and failure.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Walk to Now

Below is a piece I wrote this summer for the Scoil Acla Writer's Workshop. In short, it is a light-hearted and positive piece on living with both chronic scoliosis and a mild muscular myopothy, whilst growing up under the mindful care of Temple Street Children's Hospital. My approach to life is summed up in the title of my blog. Living with a disability is something I haven't written about on the blog to date - but I do hope that this post illustrates the approach I have - that the glass is always half full and to breathe in all these silver linings. 

(Letters marked with * beside are the names of villages I wished to keep private, enjoy!)

We all have goals in life, be it big or small – long-term or short-term. Whenever we fulfil these goals, a blanket of euphoria comes over us almost. We are safe in the knowledge that we set our minds to something, we persevered through it and now at the finishing line – we can appreciate what has been achieved. It’s a universal feeling; you don’t have to be a brainbox to experience it. Imagine if one of your wishes was to walk that little bit farther on your regular route you take, to sit a bit longer in a chair that isn’t your own, to attend a full day at school or work. Put this regime on repeat – over and over again. It’s like putting your life in a shuffling mode, trying to skip to the good bit.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Update | Back to School & Blogging

It was back to the grind of work, school and college for a lot of people this week. As it was for me and all. Hence lack of posts! Find out near the end of this post why I need YOUR help.

Coming towards the end of summer, I knew it was high-time that I got myself back into a routine. I completed Transition Year last year, (Google it!) so I hadn't really hit the books too hard, apart from the BT Young Scientist. (Which I may write about soon, would you guys like that?) It's weird to say it, but I missed studying, I missed getting homework, and now? Those needs have well and truly been answered too.

I've entered into 5th Year this year, which will be my second last year in secondary school. And next year I will be sitting my (dun dun dunnn) Leaving Certificate exams! And they are the exams that determine my 3rd Level Education scenario. In short, these next two years are very very important for me. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Guest Post | 9 Things I Love Blogging About Music | By Esther

I started blogging roughly three weeks ago and I think its the greatest way to share with the world my thoughts and experiences. I'm not the only one, countless other people think so too. I had never even thought about blogging, ever. It was only the other day when the little bulb in my head went on and I got a moment of inspiration that I actually really thought about it. Thinking led to doing and now I have my lovely little blog. Combining with my love for music, I had my first blog and I love it.

Since then, I constantly ask myself: why I'm blogging? What's so good about it that I spend hours in-front of a computer screen typing away my thoughts? Why do I love blogging about music so much? Here are my 9 reasons: